Is there a special name for 030303?

This is truly mundane, so I couldn’t bring myself to put it in GQ. I was just thinking: 3003 would be a palindrome. Is there any special term to describe the pattern that happens to be today’s date, 030303?


The Third of March Two Thousand and Three would be the special name that this gets. There will never be another one, it’s special in that it’s unique.

That would actually be Monday March 3, 2003 in our calendar.

Course it’d be something else in another calendar.

Anyone know what that would be?

765F on a hexidecimal calendar
73137 on an octal calendar
111011101110111 on a binary calendar


Not necessarily. The date 030303 could also be used as shorthand for the year 3 (all of these work for both C.E. and B.C.E., though obviously this was never in use then), 1003, 3003, etc. In fact, there are an infinite number of possible days that this could refer to, assuming of course that time doesn’t end.

didn’t march have a different name 1000 years ago, and was month number one?

de turd of da turd of da turd, as the UPS guy said when I asked him for the date yesterday.

just so you know.

date palindroom if you#re looking for one:
19 9 1991

I was still in school at this date and a teacher pinted it out. I swear that’s the only reason why i know :slight_smile:



It gets a pretty good discussion here.