a 1...and a 2...and a 3...

Consecutive digit calendar lovers…today is the day we have been waiting for. Yes, for the first time in nearly eighty years we have consecutive month, day, and year. Today is 01/02/03!

The last time this occurred was on December 13th, 1914. Let’s spend this day in celebration of order amidst chaos!

NOTE: We purists do not want to hear from the January 23rd, 1945 proponants and their ilk. That kind of fuzzy math just waters down the whole meaning of the numerological almanac.

And in just a few minutes, it’ll be 01-02-03 04:05:06.

This sort of thing will be happening for the next few years, though. 02-03-04, 03-04-05, 04-05-06, etc.

Still pretty cool, though.


BUT! Europeans (or so I think) would call it 02/01/03.

Then the Europeans can celebrate on February first. They also missed the fun in 1914. They had to party last on December 11th 1913…right?