Is there a spot in the Universe, which, for a small amount of time, is the most isolated?

See subject. “Isolated” means most distant from anything–like on Earth, where some Godforsaken place in the middle of the ocean (that’s a guess) is most distant in all directions relative to any other bit of land.

I guess passing radiation might complicate things; perhaps that could be discounted.

Also, I thought, perhaps erroneously, that getting to that spot, should it exist, may leave bits of particles in its wake, and perforce take it out of the running.

So, consider the spot as being capable of being occupied by anything, said anything just somehow appearing there.
I read something once about the apparent homogeneity of the Universe, which prompted this question.

If this question cannot be answered due to GR, being that the Newtonian stable “monkey-bars” ability of 3-D space is untenable, I’d be interested in why.

If I understand what you are looking for, you may be asking about voids. Voids are immense regions that appear to have little matter in them.

If you’re not talking about voids, then the answer is no. Every point in the universe equivalently sees an isomorphic universe reaching out to the 13.7 billion light year boundary beyond which no light can reach it.

And every point sees virtual particle creation from vacuum energy.

Otherwise, matter in the universe does clump, creating voids and clusters on a variety of scales. There’s argument now about whether this is perfectly so on every scale, but voids do exist. We keep finding bigger ones, though. The universe is very incompletely mapped.

There’s a unusually large cold spot out there, which could be a giant void. In our observable universe that would probably be the most isolated you could get. Literally a billion light years from anything.

Being stood up on Prom. All dressed up and no where to go.

Unfortunately, in the very center is Planet Ice Cream. Dozens of continents of the most popular flavors, with islands and geologic formations creating almost infinite flavors. Not to mention its two moons, Ben and Jerry.