Is there a way to block a page on Chrome?

Question is in the title. I don’t want to block an entire website, just a specific page. Only extension I’ve got right now is Adblock but I’d be willing to get another one I guess. Again, don’t want to block the entire site, just a specific page(s).

Thanks in advance.

You could add the webpage entry to the host file ( by mapping it to

I’m kind of in a fucked up state right now so if that’s the most viable option could you or someone else give me instructions walking me through how to do that?

I don’t think that will work anyway, as I’m pretty sure that will block the entire site.

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but what’s wrong with the following procedure?

  1. Don’t go to that page.
  2. Profit.

Yes, I believe you can only block whole domains or subdomains with the HOSTS file, not specific pages within a domain.

You should be able to make adblock plus block only a single page, the same way you would make it block anything else.

But, for easier use, try this addon.

Because OP is viewing porn. nsWAG.

Haha. It wasn’t porn. I’m out of my funk now but I’d still be interested in an answer to the original question just out of curiosity at this point.

Edit: It is safe to assume I’m viewing porn at any given time, though.