Is there a way to block threads from my front page?

I really don’t want to read about babies being cut out of wombs and 7 children being burnt to death because the mom forgot to turn off the hot plate. It’s disturbing. I tired putting the people who made the post on ignore but that doesnt remove their thread and the caption from the front page, it just puts them “on ignore” once you click inside the thread. Has this issue come up and been discussed here before?


You have a front page?

I assume he means after he hits new posts.

Unfortunately there no way, with how the software is currently configured, to put a thread on ignore (I actually asked this one, too, about a year or so ago).


In a previous ATMB thread, TroutMan introduced a nice little GreaseMonkey script to hide threads. Maybe it could help.

Normally I’d recommend a browser plug-in, but for you… I think eyelid tape may be the way to go.

Man, now I want my own front page.

ETA: maybe custom wallpaper as well. Thanks!


Once the “damage” has been done of reading the thread title, how’s ignoring the thread gonna help?