Is there a way to change the cookie format information?

I’ve noticed that all the cookies stored on my PC are of the form:


I’m wondering where the sites that send these cookies get the ‘myrealname’ info from, and if there’s a way to change it? In other words, is there anything I can do on my computer that will mean the cookies look like this:


Note that this isn’t about preventing my PC from accepting cookies. I know how to do that.

You have to change your registered user name. It’s stored in the registry someplace. Use regedit and do a search for your name, and change it to whatever you want. Bear in mind, though, that the site doesn’t read this information to generate a cookie. I’ve written Perl and PHP scripts that handle cookies, and they only send the information. The cookie file is named locally on your system.

Assuming your using 2000 or XP:

Aren’t your cookies being stored in the cookies folder under your Windows user name?

For example: c:\documents and settings\LogonName\cookies\amazon.txt

The sites aren’t gettings your real name at all, that’s just Windows’/Internet Explorer’s way of naming the cookie files. For example, mine are all named “Brandon@site.txt”, because my Windows XP logon name is Brandon. This is to differentiate my cookies from, say, Sam’s cookies, assuming Sam is another logon name for my computer.