Is there a way to contact a buyer who left feedback for an item on ebay for a seller?

There is something i want to buy and lot of the feedback for this seller is pretty good, like 99 percent or so. However there were 1-2 reviews from the buyer which i want to ask them question about because they left a comment that has me not sure if i want to buy it.

Does anyone know how i can contact them if i can? I know u can contact a seller of a product in ebay by contact seller. But is there a way to contact another ebay member? And in my example this ebayer who bought something from someone?

I like to add that i cannot even see the full name/numbers of the buyer. Basically its like you see the first and last letter of the username but its all asterisk in the middle. Also you cant click on it, neither that or their star rating.

This used to be possible, but as you can see, ebay has taken to obfuscating the user IDs of any user that you don’t have any explicit business with.

So, no, I don’t think this is possible.

why would they ever do this?

For a few reasons.

  1. People were contacting buyers, and trying to conduct transactions outside of ebay (which cuts into their profits).
  2. Users were getting spammed after buying an item.
  3. Users were getting scammed (people would contact the second-highest bidder and make them a bogus “second chance” offer).

There are probably other reasons, most of which have to do with jerks abusing ebay. I’ve been a user since 1998, and I liked it a lot better in the early days. But, nothing last forever…

Because too many people were making deals around eBay’s policy, therefor cutting them out if their profits on these sells. Plus, sometimes there’d be harassment and this was one way of ensuring it couldn’t take place anymore.

Probably partially for privacy, too. Back before they started doing it, you used to be able to search on a user and see what they bought or sold. Sometimes when I was bored, I’d look up my geeky friends to see if they’d bought anything cool. But I’d imagine that if someone was buying or selling something embarrassing (or anything, really, if they’d prefer it be kept private), they wouldn’t want anyone who knew their username to be able to look it up for the next year or however long it takes before the transaction drops off their history.

Not really re buyers, but your remark does interest me. I do a fair bit of ebay selling and my positive feedback is well over 99%. I’m honestly having trouble imagining what one person out of hundreds or thousands would say that would make you give them more credence than the seller with 99% positive feedback rating.

Why not simply ask the seller directly about the negative FB comment relative to your concerns? If they have 99% or better feedback they should be fairly proactive.

Well actually i found out it was more than one out of thousands. It was close to 30 people with negative reviews and bit more with neutral reviews and lot of them were saying the iphone isn’t new and is refurbished… i saw one person mentioned it didn’t work… another person said this iphone is fake.

After selling well over two hundred items on EBay I’ve had only four or five negative comments. Nearly every single one of these comments was due to some trivial mistake I’d made. My sister claimed that in her experience EBay buyers were beyond unreasonable. After thinking about it for awhile I have to agree. They’ll jump down your throat for the tiniest error.

I wouldn’t take it personally. If you are a regular on Ebay then chances are you have been screwed. They are just being careful. But, then again some people are just jerks.

If you only had four or five negative remarks out of hundreds of items sold then you did good.

You have to also look at who is making negative / neutral comments. I was a heavy eBay buyer at one point, with almost 2,000 positive feedback. When I went to purchase something and found a seller with a really good score, I’d idly glance at those who brought it down from 100%. Routinely, if the seller had a LOT of feedback, say, over many hundreds, the bad feedback would often come from newbies (with only a handful of feedback to their name themselves) who apparently didn’t know how the system worked. Also, some of the comments would obviously be mis-marked, IE: meant to be positive and they hit negative whilst not paying attention.

So, I’m simply saying that’s another thing to consider if your seller has that high a percentage of positive feedback, yet some other negative stuff thrown in.

I actually think that has more to do with the pass/fail system than to any character problems of eBay users. I still find it hard to understand that, if I get the problem worked out, I’m still supposed to give you a perfect rating. It feels to me like I should be able to note my dissatisfaction but then correct it upon resolution. Knowing how often you make even little mistakes is useful information.