Is there a way to darken non-active windows in Windows 7?

You know how when watching Hulu, you can “turn out the lights” and darken everything but the video on the page? Is there something similar for Windows 7, where non-active windows are darkened, leaving only the active one entirely visible?

Good thinking captain, you do the thinking and I’ll do the searching…

I’ve found two programs


Jedi Concentrate

I chose Ghoster because it just works and I haven’t tried Jedi Concentrate but it might have other features.

ETA: In the comments section of Jedi Concentrate you will find a modified version with more features. I didn’t read all the comments, there may be more

I have noticed for “Ghoster” that when prompts pop up that they don’t look active. For example, go to your browsers options. It’s not a real big deal for me but I thought I’d let you know.

You may also like the program “Dim Screen” found on the same page as Ghoster. I’ve just tested it in Windows 7 and it works good. It just dims the full screen ranging from 0% to 100% in 10% increments, after you open it will be in the hidden icons by the clock. You can create hot keys in the settings, I chose Ctrl then numpad + and numpad - for increasing and decreasing.

ETA: Oh boy, I’ve found another neat program on the same page again. This one is called “Gone in 60 seconds” It gives you 60 seconds to reopen a program that was closed. It basically keeps the program open for another 60 seconds, comes in handy if you accidentally close a program.

Check out “MoveInactiveWin” too, you can move a window without activating it.

“Transother” makes the inactive windows transparent… Or does Windows 7 already do that?

I’ll quit now… Geez, you wouldn’t think freeware were where the best programs are

You rock Hennessy, Ghoster works great! I almost can’t imagine going back to having every part of the screen blinding me in the face now. Those other programs sound pretty interesting too actually…