Windows 10 - Change active title bar color?

Just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, and my god, what a buggy mess! The one thing that’s driving me most crazy is that all the title bars are colored white now, and there’s no easy way to tell which window currently has focus. (In XP and maybe some of the later versions, the active window has a different color title bar, or more opacity or something).

Does anyone know how to color the active window differently from others?

<rant>I navigate the computer almost entirely by keyboard, and not being able to tell which window is active means I enter keyboard shortcuts into all the wrong programs :frowning: I found a theme hack that lets you change all window title bars to your “accent” color, but it doesn’t differentiate between active and background windows, and worse, certain programs ignore it altogether. For example, in this screenshot, can you tell which window is currently active? I think the only thing that gives it away is that the min/max symbols (-□x) are slightly darker on the active one. And MS’s fancy new browser Edge just altogether ignores your theme settings… because it’s that special. This is by far the ugliest operating system I’ve ever had to use.</rant>

Settings - Personalisation - Colors.
Hmmm. Guess not.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’m convinced. I’ll just stick with my 2009 Ubuntu Linux release (9.10 “karmic”), running on my Intel Pentium, for a few years longer.

I’m the go-to tech guy for my circle so I too gave the upgrade a whirl. A couple hours later and I rolled it back. Does give you back the Start Menu, sort of, but it still thinks you’re using a tablet. A deal-breaker for me was how the windows now don’t have borders. Or rather, the borders are all like one pixel wide and not visible*!* So they’re nearly impossible to click & drag with a mouse to resize them. Couldn’t find a setting to change that either.

Fortunately it does give you the option to uninstall itself quite easily. I guess you only have one month from doing the upgrade to do this though.