Is There a Way to Fix the Pokemon "Lost Game"Problem?

Hi to all my fellow StraightDopers.
I’ve got 4 Pokemon GameBoy Color games(Red,Blue,Silver,and Gold),and they’re all about a decade old,so it’s no surprise that in 2 or 3 games I’ve encountered the notorious "lost game"problem where your game is no longer able to save your progress.However,I’m still not quite sure whether or not the problem is fixable.Some people say you can replace your game’s battery,but from what they say,that doesn’t really seem that easy to do,which is a problem since(go ahead,make fun of me)I’m not much of a technology expert.
Do you guys have any advice on how,or if,the problem can be fixed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for reading.

A “lost game” problem means that your battery is dead. Replacing it is the only way I can think of fixing that. There are two methods I know of, this is the proper method, it involves using a soldering iron to remove the old battery and install the new one. This method allows you to avoid using a soldering iron if you want. Keep in mind that this will not restore your saves, those are gone once the battery dies. It should however allow you to save again.

Alright then.It does seem like installing the new battery is simpler than I thought,but what kind of battery does it need as a replacement?
Thanks for all the help.

They use a 3 volt coin battery. The original type is a CR2025 but apparently a CR2032 will also work. You should be able to find one without much trouble, cost shouldn’t be more than $3 or so.

That’s good to hear,because I’ve got both CR2025’s and CR2032’s at home already.
Thanks again for the help.

It’s what the Dope is for, make sure you come back to say how it goes.