Loading... Loading... Loading... ... "Oh God no!"

Never mind what game it is, but it has been “loading” the next level for the past 17 minutes when it should have been done done in under one.

I have not saved my progress in over three hours.

weeps like a woman

You know what you must do now, my friend.

The reset button calls. You must do it eventually.

My condolences for your lost data.

Adding outrage to misery, I’m moving this over to MPSIMS.
(Though all sympathies, Muad.)

Damn. Just when you finally won that poker hand that would get the cartoon lady’s bra off, too.

Don’t most games auto-save at every new level?

Another sob story for you:

I was playing Pokemon Blue. I got 138 pokemon or something like that (this was back when there were only 151 total). A kid came over. He played my game without asking. He SAVED OVER MY GAME.

I f I weren’t already tiring of the game, I’d have strangled the kid. But no, I was simply left with a hollow sense of loss.

My brother did that to me, too. After I’d repeatedly said “Don’t save, there’s only ONE save file!” to him. Grah.

You’ve brought up bad memories. I’ll be sending you my therapy bill.

That’s why you use an old GameBoy and not one of the newer ones to play a game like that. It’s big enough and heavy enough to bash someone who did that over the head with several times without causing any real damage to the GameBoy.

And I was just using it as a paperweight.

(This thread reminds me of a snippet of Haré+Guu I saw yesterday. This kid is playing Phatasy Star or something like that, at a boss. Two of his people die, and the last is barely alive. His mother comes over, notes he’s at the boss, and asks when was the last time he saved. “I haven’t ^^’.” She then hits the reset button on him.)

You have my sympathy! But it’s clear you have never owned an Amiga. An Amiga owner would scoff at a 17 minute loading time. We could prepare major meals in the time it took to load “Civilisation”


When that happens, it means the game is scared of you man.


I had at least one game for Commodore 64 whose load screen read “Patience is a 1541 disc drive”