Is There a Way to Force Open a Disk Player?

Is there a way to force a DVD or CD player to eject? There was a time they had a hole to insert a straight pin to manually eject a disk. Now, they’ve forgotten the needs of the consumer unless they’ve gone to great lengths to hide it. I have my DVD player’s outer housing removed. Maybe it is on the outside of its external metal “shell” that houses the DVD’s moving parts? I really don’t feel like destroying the thing…the last resort.

Did you try googling it by the brand name and/or model?

Then generally googling the problem? If the above doesn’t work.

Bippity, thanks… I should have thought of that. My bad. I will post an answer if there is one for my model.

My long-suffering IT support geek/nerd son would be so proud of me that I remembered to suggest that. Now to find some way to tell him that I did…without him then rolling his beautiful hazel eyes.

Supposedly, a combination of buttons should force the DVD player to open. But, my unit is simply dead. The only choice is to break it open by brute force. By shaking it, I’m fairly certain its empty. I’m just going to give it away. (sigh)

Try offering it to a kid-just as a fun little activity.

Some stand-alone DVD players (the kind you hook up to your TV) have a hole in the SIDE of the disk mechanism where you can insert a wire, such as a straightened paperclip, and release the disc. But, you have to take the DVD player cover off to get to the hole.

I would just use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the tray out. Gently, no need to use too much force. The gears and motors in the unit will allow this and you should be able to check for your disk. Next time it is turned on it will automatically move the tray in or out to find its proper position.

It’s usually pretty easy to get the top of the case off a big DVD player. They’re usually held on by 4 or 5 screws. That’ll get you into the guts without any nasty prying.
The small computer sized players usually have a release you can trigger with a paper clip.

And if you ARE going to take the cover off of any home appliance or electronic device, please unplug said appliance/device before opening it, definitely before reaching into it.

Unless you are a qualified professional that is trained/experienced/aware of the risks, open electrical/electronics is a recipe for getting zapped.