Is there a way to make spoiler tags its own button on posts like quotes are?

I, for the life of me, can never ever remember how the manual tags work. Beginning parentheses end parentheses, there’s a slash somewhere in there…

Basically what I’m curious about is that spoiler tags are probably the most important thing that need a manual write in…is there an easier way to make them spoilered that I don’t know about? Or is there a way for us to put in a spoler button like there is for a link or for quotes?

Thanks a bundle!


Probably not, sorry.

(Now watch some hotshot come in and tell us how.)

Where did I put that notepad?


  1. Go to the AdminCP / Custom BB Codes / BB Code Manager

  2. Next to the spoiler tag, click the Edit button.

  3. In the Button Image section, add a link to this image. It’s a free image I got from the vBulletin site. (Please copy it to the SDMB server, rather than hotlinking it to mine.) Hit save.


Thanks for the info!

But I gotta be honest…I haven’t the faintest idea what you just said…

What’s an admin CP? I see my user CP but not my admin one?

Also…everything else

Those were instructions for the staff here if they wanted to add such a button. There’s nothing a regular poster can do to change what buttons appear.

Ohhhh ok.

Cool! Thanks for the info!

It’d be cool if they did it…

If you still get confused, you could just use the quote button, then replace the word “QUOTE” with “SPOILER” in each tag.

Can I just chime in and say “Yes, please do this!” I mean, there those nearly useless “Code” and “PHP” buttons in the toolbar, but nothing for the spoiler tag, which must get used at least a couple orders of magnitude more often.

Yeah, this would be great. I know how to do spoiler tags, but a button for spoilers would eliminate all that typing and simplify things.

What does the PHP tag even do? I tried it. Made everything blue and green.
I’m going to guess it something to do with coding in PHP (that’s a thing, right) and since it’s right next to the Code tag button (which, for us at least, does nothing but preserve formatting), that would make sense. On a board that discusses programming, it would be nice to be able to preserve your indents.

The blue and green (and red) are syntax highlighting for php code.

I hit the PHP button and my desk started melting, I saw the most beautiful colors in the world, and I started eating my own flesh.
Wait nevermind that was the PCP button…

You mean people actually click buttons to insert their codestrings instead of just typing them or using a macro program to do it with a hotkey?


Yeah, the only tag I use with any regularity that I wouldn’t think to just code by hand is probably the [noparse][del][/del][/noparse] tags because everyone calls it strikethrough but the actual code looks like delete. Otherwise, they basically all make sense to me.

Holy crap. I went looking for the PHP code thingy and found there is a quote button that wraps quote tags around highlighted text.

Also now looking at the word “high” I deem it stupid. The g and h do not belong in that word.

Here’s a button image for that one as well. And I agree that both of these buttons would be much more useful than the php tag button, which is completely useless on most boards.

Even the image has an S! What lamebrain decided to make the code del instead of s and can I put a snake in his bed?

It’s the admins that choose the replacement code so…one of them and I guess so, if you have a snake and know where they live. But it’s pretty trivial to add a second custom code so that [noparse]Giraffe is awesome[/noparse] --> [del]Giraffe is awesome[/del] so maybe you should instead put chocolate in their bed?

Hmmph. I assumed that based on the board’s history of not modding anything ever that when they turned on the strikethrough tag, they used whatever default vBulletin has. The one time I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Since almost every other board uses “s” rather than “del”, that seems a strange assumption. The code in HTML is “s” as well.