Is there a way to rename a ton of documents, in order of file creation?

Is there a program that can rename Windows files numerically, in the order the files were created?

I know of programs that can automcatially rename files, but they do so by alphabetical order, which isn’t what I’m looking for.

Any ideas?

You could do it fairly easily with a scripting language, such as Perl. If you don’t have access to a programmer who can do this, there are other ways, non of which are very simple that I know of. You could take the output of a directory listing (dir >rename.bat), then use the macro tools in a decent text editor (such as UltraEdit) to concatenate the date to the file name, and add “ren” to the beginning of each line, then run it as a batch file. Hopefully someone will come along with an easier way to do what you need.

I have done this a couple of times. Please test this on a small group of files first.

This is for Windows XP.

Place all the files into one folder. Choose “View - details”

Now choose “View - Arrange icons by - Modified”

Choose “Edit - Select all”

All the files are highlighted. Right click on the first one. Choose “Rename”

Type a new file name for that one file. Press enter.

All the files will be renamed. The first in the list will be Newname. The next will be Newname (1) then Newname (2).

The one drawback is remembering that Newname (1) is not the first file, it’s the second. Still, all the files will be numbered in order.

If something goes wrong Cntl Z will undo the renaming, but only one file at a time. If you want to revert 1000 files back to their original name, you will have to press it 1000 times. Also, the first file may not change back to its original name even if you press Cntl Z.

There’s a freeware program called RENAMER that will manipulate filenames however you want, and it’ll do them in bulk, all at once. I’ve found it especially handy for tidying up the names of my mp3s (which I ripped from my own CDs and are for my own personal use only).

I use a freeware program (well donorware actually) called Bulk Renamer, it allows you do all sorts of renaming, trimming, numbering etc. and you can sort by name, creation time, edited time, size, all the windows file parameters.

It also shows you a preview of what your renaming action will do to your files.

The Rename is another good renaming program.