Need a program or technique to rename files in sequences

I’m going to have a series of files like file1 file2 file3 - hundreds of these files. I need to be able to cut out any file(s) and then rename all subsequent files to maintain the sequence.

In other words, if I have file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, file6, file7, I need to be able to delete file3 and file4 and have something rename file5 to become the new file3, file 6 to become the new file4, etc.

ie the sequence should go from file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, file6, file7, delete file3/file4, then become file1, file2, file3(originally file5), file4(originally file6), file5(originally file7)

Is there a program or some sort of batch commands or something I can do to achieve this?

You can do it pretty easily with Bulk Rename Utility, either with the GUI or the command-line version.

Yup. I use AF5; different program that does the same thing.

Neither of those are terribly user friendly. Would you mind giving me instructions on how I’d accomplish my specific task? You could use generic examples.

Is that the actual file name format, numbers at the end? How many digits and are they zero-padded? What controls the order of the names if the numbers are at the end, is it just alphabetical?

ETA Are there duplicate names if the numbers are removed?

It’s a sequence from a digital camera, so it’s very uniform. The files are K500XXXX.jpg and .dng

In this case, I will be removing K5001841.jpg (and .dng) through K5002388.jpg

I want K5002389 through K5002468 to become the new K5001841 through K5001920

Of course in this case I could just manually rename the 150 or so files, but I plan on using this technique again so I would like to find a way to automate it.

How I’d go about it in BNR (box #)

Select the folder
(12) .jpg
Select file K5002389.jpg through K5001920.jpg
(5) Last n=4
(10) Mode Suffix, Start=1841, Incr.=1
Select file K5002389.dng through K5001920.dng

You could select and rename all of each file type at once if they are all numbered without gaps (If zero-padded select number of pad digits in box 10).

Perfect, that works, thanks a lot.

I meant select file K5002389 through K5002468 but I guess you figured that out :smiley: