Is there a way to restore bookmarks using a File folder?

I accidentally deleted all my bookmarks in Chrome. I didnt have an HTML backup. However on my Windows backup drive, I found a folder called “links” and when you open it, I can see my list of bookmarks.

I tried importing that but of course it wont work. Is there a way to modify this so it can be imported? I suppose if all fails I could use the Links folder and manually return to each website listed and re-bookmark them. :smack:

In userdata, Chrome does sort of make a temporary backup. bookmarks.bak and bookmarks. Had I not closed and reopened Chrome I could have renamed bookmarks to bookmarks.old and bookmark.bak to bookmarks. Unfortunately Chrome overwrites this each time you close and reopen.

I can post a screenshot if anyone needs to see the format the Links folder is in.

have you considered system-restore? unsure if this would bring your bookmarks back or not. if successful, you could copy the files to usb … and then regress the system-recovery back to the current state of the operating system. (think windows still has this option in system recovery.)

consider this option carefully … and make sure you are okay with your decision … one wrong turn might blanket everything.

So they are shortcuts in a folder? If so, you could copy them to Internet Explorer’s Favorites folder, and then click the Chrome Menu, go to Bookmarks, and choose Import Bookmarks and Settings. Choose Internet Explorer in the browser list, and only check Bookmarks/Favorites.

I find it ridiculous how few backups Chrome keeps of your bookmarks. Firefox keeps like 10 or so.