Chrome (browser) question re: bookmarks

When I installed Chrome, it automatically imported bookmarks from Firefox (there is a folder on the top line called “Imported from Firefox” and the folders from Firefox are there as sub-folders). I think it did this because Firefox was my default browser at the time, although I’m not sure of that.

Just now I accidentally dragged one of those sub-folders away, and now it seems to have disappeared.

How can I get it back without re-building it link by link? Should I un-install Chrome, make Firefox the default again, and re-install Chrome?

Is there an easier way?

You say “seems to have disappeared”. If you go to Bookmark Manager (ctrl+shift+o) you can search your bookmarks. Can you find the missing ones there?

Alternatively, just click the menu button on Chrome (top right, three horizontal lines) go to Bookmarks and then Import Bookmarks and Settings to re-import.

Found 'em, thank you Bozuit.