Is there a way to see if someone is in prison?

Does anyone know if there is a way to check if someone is in prison online? A website where you could check?

Its a strange question, I know, so I’ll tell you why I asked it. My best friend (I’ll call him “Bert”) growing up is in the pokey. He deserved it, to be sure. As kids he was a great guy. Even in high school, he was a stand up dude. Not very smart, but a big bruiser of a guy. We were inseperable. But after I went to college he started selling drugs. I didn’t know this until I got back. All of a sudden, my old friend who was more or less a lovable goof, was now a bitch slappin’ gangsta. I tried to help him, you know, talk to him, get him to stop before he got into trouble, but he wouldn’t. Eventually I had to cut ties with him. I wouldn’t allow him over my house or hang out with him. Yeah, we might run into each other at the local club sometimes, and we remained on civil terms, but that was it. (I’d found that he had several arrests while i was gone, also) It was scary, too. A cop once pulled me over and when I asked what I had done he told me nothing. He was looking for Bert and he knew I knew him. At least the cop told me that they knew I wasn’t involved in anything Bert was doing, but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Another time I was told by another friend that some thugs were looking for Bert and couldn’t find him. They started looking for me instead!

Anyway, Bert was arrested about 12 years ago and sent to the prison in Smyrna, DE. I know he was still there about 4 years ago, but I don’t know how long his sentence was or if he’s still there. My neice’s husband was a guard there for awhile and he told me that he’s taken up religion and all. I was just wondering if theres a way to find out if Bert is still in jail. Even though he did a horrible crime, I grew up with the guy and I’d kinda like to write him maybe.