Is there a way to sharpen a dull Sharpie?

Are there simple methods or techniques or hacks that could be used to reconstitute an old Sharpie? Or is a dull one irredeemable?

I’ve never tried it, but it seems to me that a sharp razor blade would do the trick.

Since Sharpies are so cheap, I would simply replace it but if I had to, I would try a razor.

Two pieces of advice from a career that involves a lot Sharpie use:

  1. Buy ‘em by the box.

  2. Use the right tip for the job.

The regular Sharpie is good for making labels with gaff tape but the king size are better for boxes. Fine point for marking drawings/plots/blueprints. Etc.

I’ve trimmed them with razor blades, but trimming them with old, but sharp, scissors is easier.

I’ve trimmed them with x-acto blades.