Is there a website to help find churches with evening services?

Due to my schedule it is hard for me to attend the usual Sunday morning church service. I used to go to a church that had a 5pm Sunday service but moved to a new area and am having trouble finding churches that have a evening service. Is there a a website that would help me find churches near me that have a evening service?

Believe it or not, Yelp has a listing for “Churches” that you can scroll through.

If you are Catholic, you can use

Some churches are bad at, or sloppy with, advertising. Don’t assume that the schedule information you find is still true. IMO it might be better and more efficient to simply show up at places and ask.

If there is a local discussion forum for the area (or Facebook group…) you might ask there.

Or call a church that you think you may be interested in attending (but their sign doesn’t list times; not all do) and ask.

I’m in a similar boat; the church I’ve attended for many years is no longer the right one for me, and evening services would also be better for me.

Are you wanting a specific denomination? A number of Catholic and Episcopal churches have Saturday evening services. Other denominations have Wednesday evening services. In my town most of those are Church of Christ, or various Baptist denominations.

I’d guess larger congregations would be more likely to have multiple service times, you could look at how big a church is and check their website.

Pick the denomination, hit their church-finder feature, and call to double-check.

Where I live, the Catholics and Lutherans are most likely to have Saturday services in addition to those at their usual Sunday times, and of course the megachurches do but I’d highly recommend avoiding those. The church I left is Episcopalian; one of the others in my city does have 5PM Saturday services. And of course the Seventh-Day Adventists always meet on Saturdays. I’ll keep my opinion on some of THEIR beliefs to myself, although their TV channel, 3ABN, does have some interesting vegan cooking programs.

What church-finder feature?

There may or may not be something like that on the main web site for any particular denomination (or, it may be called something different). Do you have a specific denomination in mind?

For example, on the United Methodist Church web site (, there’s a banner at the top of the page, and under the “Resources” tab on that banner you’ll see “Find-a-Church.” That leads you to this page, where you can search based on your city or ZIP Code. I’d be willing to bet that most major denominations will have something similar.

If you’re just looking for a church, broadly, and aren’t limiting yourself to a particular denomination (or set of denominations), then you might need to do something like look on Yelp, as Czarcasm notes.

Our little local paper has a listing of churches and service times. If you are in a small town, you may find this helpful. It isn’t something I would normally check anymore as I look on-line.

Most church services don’t have sunday evening service these days as only 5 or 10 people attend despite there being 50 or more for sunday service

As my grandfather was instrumental in starting several churches in the family hometown I was well experienced in this ……

It’s not uncommon, especially with smaller congregations, to find a website for a still-active church that hasn’t been updated in several years, often because the webmaster does not go there any more, for whatever reason. This is when you call and ask; don’t count on the “Contact Us” link to work either.

The 5PM Saturday services are often done to accommodate people who work nights or weekends, or their kids may have activities that start before a morning service gets out.

As Misnomer posted above, if you’re looking for a Catholic church, there’s
I don’t know whether other denominations have similar sites?
Here’s an Episcopal site:

For the ELCA its

You can also Google “Local/location (name a denomination) churches” and that will usually hook you into the local and/or national church-finders. I tested “Baptist churches in Scranton” and it worked pretty well given how broad a definition “Baptist” can be.