Is there a windows 7 shortcut to switch to portrait mode?

I have a HP touchsmart tx2 laptop with a second, vertical/ portrait monitor plugged in (to save desk space. it shares with a landscape 24 inch monitor plugged into another computer) and the screen closed.

Whenever I turn the computer on the login screen is in portrait mode (so it is correct on my vertical, portrait aligned monitor) but seconds after it logs in it switches to landscape mode. It does this no matter what I do in the options or whether I use the ati control panel or the windows control panel.

So rather than look for help on how to fix this, I’d settle for a keyboard shortcut to switch to portrait mode. It would save me having to look at my monitor like a stupid sad puppy with its head tilted while I try to guide the mouse over all the various buttons one needs to click to switch to portrait mode.

So is there one?

Ctrl+alt+[arrow right or left] works for my netbook.
I accidentally hit that combo right after I got it and it drove me crazy for the hour it took to figure out what I did and how to un-do it*.

*Ctrl+alt+[arrow up]

Are you using windows 7? ctrl-left or right doesn’t seem to work for me.

How about using the screen rotation button on the tx2 display bezel?

That’s an Intel driver shortcut. You can setup a hot key to do what you want in the Catalyst Control Center. There is no default for it; there is just support for it.

That’s on the face of the lid. Doing that would defeat the object. I want to be able to have the laptop tucked out of the way, with an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor plugged in. Having to lift the lid every time I load windows to switch back to portrait will be a pain.

I’m going to give Palooka’s suggestion a try.

Edit: It worked. Thanks Palooka