Is there a word that means something damaged by fire?

Need answer fastish (well, by the end of the month, anyway).

charred/singed/fire-ravaged remains.

Scorched or uh,er…burned-up?

Do you mean a single noun for “fire-damaged item”? I don’t think there is one in general.

I’ve seen particular descriptive words for particular kinds of burnt items, like “hulk” for the burnt-out carcass of a ship or perhaps for a similar large burnt frame of a structure, but none of them qualified as “the word for a fire-damaged item in general” AFAIR.

Something tells me that OP may be on to something, perhaps as some term of art in the insurance industry–cf. flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict, which generally you or I would call “shit that was somebody’s but now is floating around the ocean.”

I’ve scanned two lists of firefighting terms and can only find “salvage”–property that needs to be protected from fire/smoke/water. There doesn’t seem to be a term for “refuse.”

What I’m on to is that writing is hard. Especially when you’re trying to be all atmospheric and can’t just bluntly say what you mean.

What is the item you are trying to describe as burnt up?

It’s supposed to be metaphorical for a passionate personality that destroyed a lot of people and things in its wake. Not my metaphor, really; Tolkien came up with the whole fire theme and I’m just taking it to the logical conclusion.

Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Would something simple and straightforward as “ash-heap” work for your purposes?

So, this personality has ended up ruined by its own consuming passion, having first taken out a number of others along the way?

It seems perhaps unpoetic to be a cinder. Unless your name is Ella. :slight_smile:

(sorry) :slight_smile:

A crispy critter?


It sounds very Tolkien-esque - I’m even sure I remember a crispy critter being mentioned in Beowulf. :wink:

Solar flare, fire and brimstone, fury, blue flame, steamy, boiling.

Cinderand emberseem to work best. They both reference the state of something having burned and become something else.

Maybe like the apocryphal multiple Inuit words for snow, you could make reference to a pyromaniacal culture like indigenous Australians, who harnessed fire for land management. Their languages have multiple words for landscape effects of fire [for an example from the Australian Western Desert, scroll to the blue box about half way down]. I’ll bet they would have a word you could use.

Charred shell or remains
Ravaged husk
Still smoking Pile of embers

Scorched? Singed? Incinerated? Depends on the type of damage, really.

“He looked thoughtful as he meandered over his mental landscape, revisiting the charred remnants of people he had known and the scorched earth of the places he had been, all seared by the bloody, scalding passions of his now cauterized soul”

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?

For a personality, perhaps “ash-hole”?

Q: What do you call a guy with no arms or legs lying in a fireplace/

A: Ashley or Bernie…