Is there an internet voter's guide somewhere?

On the eve of the election, I only know a bit about who is up for election tomorrow, and I’m not sure where to get more information about each canidate’s platform… other than to start writing down names from commercials and doing searches on them.

Is there some site somewhere that gives rundowns of canidates various platforms, and the issues up to debate at various localities?

If not, what’s the best way to get information about the various canidates and issues for this election?

Project Vote Smart is very for Project Vote Smart

This is a little one sided but it’s the only one I have-

If you want to find out how candidate stand on the little part of the Bill of Rights that they put between the 1st and 3rd amendments that they really didn’t mean then you could try:

This site doesn’t specifically address today’s election, but it may be helpful. It’s a list of recent laws most damaging to the freedom and usefulness of the Internet, and the lawmakers who backed them. Pretty much everyone on the list needs a whack from the cluestick.

Hey, SB, here’s Kopel’s list.

This yahoo page has a place to enter your zip code and it will tell you who’s running.