Is there any chance Chuck & Larry won't be dreadful?

For weeks I’ve been afflicted by commercials and previews for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

The move is supposed to be a comedy about two straight New York firefighters who, through some contrived circumstances, are forced to register as domestic partners, and then must somehow prove to investigators that they are not merely domestic partners but, oh my gosh, gay as well.

From what I can see from the incessant ads that assault me, there are, no shit Sherlock, some problems with the basic premise that drives the movie. First off, there’s the idea that for some pension requirement that would require them to register to save a pension. Second is the idea that to register as domestic partners, you actually have to be gay. Third, there is the idea that someone would check up on whether or not you were gay, and you would have to prove your homosexuality to them.

But the far-fetched premise seems the least of the movie’s offenses. It promises a level of ham-handed over-acting straight characters acting in a farcically gay manner not seen since the heyday of Three’s Company. It will, no doubt, demonstrate that despite the significant progress in gay rights in the past three decades, Hollywood’s willingness to portray gays as cheap stereotypes hasn’t changed much since the late '70s.

But more significantly, the movie’s premise is that gay rights are not something necessary to give dignity and equality to deserving people, but rather they are a cheap scheme that can be exploited by the undeserving to put something over on the authorities.

Its depressing social significance aside, it seems like the movie will be simply bad and unfunny.

I suppose there is some possibility that there will be some moment of actual humor or heartwarmingness that is absent from the commercials, but I severely doubt it.

Does anyone think this will be anything better than worthless, revolting dreck? Is there anyone here who has any intention of seeing this thing?

It has Jessica Biel’s tits.

I’m sure it’ll be redeemed by the family-values message (“gays can have them, too”) jammed into the last five minutes.

Pontificate much? Seriously though, I’d wager it’s going to be better than Boat Trip.

What ever could you mean? I’m merely asking a simple, straightforward question about an upcoming movie? :wink:

No, no, a thousand times no.

Billdo, I don’t think we have a thread. You’ve summed everything up so nicely.

And silenus, no matter whose tits, or how many, are in this movie, it cannot be redeemed.

This movie should be five minutes long.

“If you’re gay, then why did you sleep with these women? Why are you staring at my tits right now?”
“Yeah, actually, I’m bisexual.”
“Oh, ok.”


I’m going to wait for the scenes of Jessica Biel in her underwear to come out on YouTube.

If the premise is as advertised, these characters are swindlers and frauds who deserve no sympathy. The premise is undermined by the very fact of their own guilt. Not only that but it looks really unfunny. Everything in the trailer makes it look like a bog-standard sitcom with predictable, laughless gags, the big deception plot, an undercurrent of gay panic and the obligatory, cliched romance which serves the double-purpose of not only forcing some semblence of a story arc into a one-joke premise but also serves to prove that Adam Sandler isn’t really gay. No sirree, not him. It’s all just a big joke. See how much he really likes tits.

Without having seen the movie, I’m going to predict that it contains a scene in which Sandler wants to finally tell “the Girl” the truth. He will take her aside and say, “there’s something I really need to tell you.” She will then say she needs to tell him something first. What she tells him will make it harder for him to come clean. She will say “wasn’t there something you wanted to tell ME?” Sandler will then stammer out some mundane comment about liking her hair or her dress. She will not think this is strange.

What’s more revolting is that it will most definitely be a hit. THe only time I wasn’t surrounded by laughs during the 6 or so occasions I’ve squirmed through the trailer was in 1408’s audience.

It’s PG-13. It’s got her in a bra. You’re more likely to see frontal nudity from Kevin James.

To the OP: considering that it “stars” Adam Sandler, you would have to pay me to see it. And I’m not talking single or double digits.

Well, heck, I’ll wager it’s going to be better than two hours of dental surgery, if we’re talking about where to set the bar.

You’re on!


I bet Chuck and Larry will be better than being woken by a three-year old driving a staple into your forehead.

I can’t be the only person on the planet who has an intense hatred for this woman, can I? I think it’s her affiliation with Seventh Heaven but I can’t be sure.

Meh, I bet it will be better than a tax audit.

This movie has Rob Schneider trying to out-chink Mickey Rooney. Take a wild guess whether it’s going suck or not.

I was thinking that the worst thing they could do…the absolute worst hack writing, bad sitcom sack of…would be the “You know what…I WAS FAKING IT” crap.

And then, they put that very thing in the trailer. IN THE TRAILER! This is the strongest stuff they have!

Oh, it’s gonna suck.