Is there any way to edit the recently opened files list in may programs?

In most Microsoft programs (for example, Microsoft Word) there is a list of the last few files opened with the program, they are listed under “file” just above the exit option. Is there any way to edit or delete this list? Where and how is it stored?

  1. Tools–>Options–>General–>Recently Used File List

Turn this off, then back on again.

  1. Start–>Settings–>Taskbar and Start Menu–>Advanced–>Clear

The MRU list is normally stored in the Registry, which you can view and edit with Regedit. This is a program which is included with Windows, so you can start it by choosing “Run…” from the start menu and typing ‘regedit’.

For most programs, you will find the MRU list under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / name-of-company / name-of-application / Recently Used Files” or something like that. Just click around, you’ll find it.

Removing entries from the MRU list is generally not harmful. Be careful when playing around with regedit, though; you can easily break an application or even your OS with it, to the point where a re-install is the only option.