Is there any way to find out why a poster was banned?

I tried to do my due diligence by checking FAQs, but I didn’t find anything. Is there any way for me to check why a given poster was banned?

PM a mod.

For a poster that has been around a while there will usually be a banning announcement listing some recent warnings. Sock puppets, however, usually don’t get an announcement unless they were very prominent. If there is no announcement, you can be pretty sure it was a sock.

ahh I wondered if Erica roche was a sock for femmejean like people were saying after I noticed the banning

The mods won’t give this information out in public. The best way to find out is to PM one.

And usually they won’t identify the sock’s other identity.

Yeah, sending a mod a PM is your safest bet. Even then, we’re in the habit of making straightforward replies like ‘trolling’ or ‘sock’ or whatever.

An overly attentive board-watcher might also notice two or more unannounced bannings around the same time.

Thanks, I did PM a mod and will await a response.

Then post it here for all of us to read!

(kidding, I’m kidding).