Can posters view a list of banned/suspended posters?

I’m assuming the answer is no, but I thought I’d ask. I thought maybe it would be in the Groups category but no such luck.

If I was to PM a mod about a longtime poster banned for socking several years back, would you be able to tell me who the sock was? Just for curiosity. I remember the poster pretty well and that he was banned, but I don’t remember the socking bit.

Kind of weird when I ran across the thread where I saw he was banned for socking, the next two posters, also long term posters, were also banned. Different months, different years, different reasons, but all three posts in a row.

I don’t think this is available but bear in mind that even if it was, my understanding is that most banned posters are just scammers and spammers that are blown out of the water more or less immediately. So the list would be extremely long and the vast majority would be complete non-entities.

I suspect if this list were to be useful to you it would need to be filtered by posters who had posted (say) 500 posts before being banned, or something like that.

I was thinking more of just by date in this case. I already know the poster’s name and date of last posting. Narrow down by date, and on that date people that were banned as socks. This is far enough back where the banning and reason for banning are right next to the username on every post. Since the switch to Discourse you often can’t tell if a poster is banned unless you look at their profile.

I suspect you are right tho, and the list is just not available to posters.


This is correct.