Is there any way we can squish thread headers onto one page?

Back in the VBulletin days, I could see all topic headers on one page. For example:

About This Message Board
Comments on Cecil’s Columns
The Quarantine Zone
General Questions
Great Debates
Cafe Society
The Game Room
Thread Games
In My Humble Opinion
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share
The BBQ Pit

All on one screen, just as you see them here. Now, I’m finding that every time I go back to the home screen, I have to page down two or three times to find, say, Thread Games or MPSIMS or the BBQ Pit.

Is there any way we can get all the main topic headers on one page?

My opinion is that there is not much they can do. The layout is thought out to include a lot of free space.

If you shrink everything by 50%, they will all fit but…