Is there anyone who hates most pastries/candies due to their incredible sweetness?

Perhaps I have developed a ‘refined’ taste in regards to sugar living in many countries, but I have never particularly eaten a brownie, chocolate chip cookie, store bought chocolate :frowning: (yuck), or even cakes (too sweet!) and every wanted to come back to them like in weeks time like would with very few desserts or things like pizza, lasange etc.

It’s not moderation and I am a big sweet tooth, but it’s just the incredible amounts of sugar added to these things. FAR too many average storebought sweets/pastries are mediocre quality mainly due to an intense overpowering sweetness and/or chocolate flavour.

I know there are good deserts out there that I could enjoy daily without having to feel uncomfortably full but I’m not sure where I would get them besides restaurants.

Anyone have similar experience?

I have no “sweet tooth” at all.
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I used to, when I was drinking at least 1 1/2 cans of Mountain Dew a day since the extra sugar on top of the Dew would mess with my body.

These days, I still don’t enjoy eating more than a small half-slice of cake due to how it makes me feel. But I don’t mind the actual sweetness like I did before.

Yes, there are people who think availably pastries and candies are too sweet. That doesn’t make these pastries and candies “mediocre quality” though. It just means they cater to a different palate.

If people in general preferred them less sweet they’d be less sweet.

All, well not all, is good!

There are some sweets that are just too sweet but I’ve not had this type in a long time. I wouldnt turn it down if I were offered some but everyday or even every week? No. Too sweet. :smiley:

Plums. Much too sweet. Somehow sweeter than actual sugar.

I like pastries, cakes, etc., but American pastries are just too damned sweet. When we were in France, I loved their baked goods because the sweetness was considerably dialed back.

When I bake something at home, I try to replicate that French style of baking, and cut back the sugar by about 1/3.

I don’t eat Krispy Kreme donuts because I think they’re too sweet. If I want a donut I either go with Dunkin or store made. As much as I like fudge, I don’t eat it too often because it’s a bit too sweet.

Fudge. Fudge makes my teeth hurt, like an electrical shock.