Is There Anything Good About Male Sexuality?

Is there anything good about male sexuality?


It’s pretty much all good, in my experience. Some minor drawbacks in my days of reckless youth, but nothing terrible resulted from that.

Is this more of a rhetorical rant? What’s your debate, LinusK?

If you think there’s anything good about female sexuality, then it needs a male counterpart to be effective. If you don’t, then I don’t understand why you single out males here.

Not much bad about it. Nothing bad about it that is solely male.

It would probably help to explain what you mean with “male sexuality”.
If you mean the penis, which is the only thing I can think of that I’m pretty sure fits the bill unequivocally for everyone, then I have to say it’s fine. At least mine is. I’m a huge fan and we’ve become great friends over the year.

The whole orgasm thing is a-ok in my book.

Fwiw, I’m currently averaging about three news articles a day telling me how shit I am, by dint of birth gender. It’s been like this since about 1976.

Off to IMHO

I know a number of men without penises. AFAIK their sexuality is just fine.

I ain’t got time to read.

I Must Have Orgasms? Makes sense for this thread.

Are you female, or is there some third gender I’m unaware of? I’m a man, and I read a lot, and the only real criticism of my gender is the implication from housewares commercials that we’re all hopeless domestic peons.

Well, perhaps there is; almost all rapes are done by men. And most sexual harassment. And cat-calling on the street. And prostitution (straight and gay) exists mostly for a male market. The male sex drive might not really be any more powerful than the female, but it is definitely more urgent, and less discriminate.

everthing good about mals sexuality without it i would be out of a job

OP needs to quit pestering his wife for sex when she’s not in the mood. Ditto watching porn to get her in the mood.

Men, huh, yeah
What are they good for?
Absolutely nothing, uh-huh, uh-huh

Men, huh, yeah
What are they good for?
Absolutely nothing, say it again, y’all

Well I guess we are at the point now where we can not agree on anything being male or female.

If my penis were to leave me, however, I would be devastated and suspect that my sex life would take a real downturn.

Well, you can say this: for its intended function (i.e. the propagation of the species), it absolutely works.

I’m on pretty good terms with my own, overall.

But yeah, there are some damn silly things about male sexuality, I’ll warrant. Being so strongly attracted to someone on the basis of what she looks like, for instance, what’s up with that, pardon the entendre?

If the attractive womenfolk were equally inclined to give me the glance and say “yeah you look yummy to me too” and start undressing me, that would be one thing, but since instead they’re mostly annoyed by guys they don’t even know expressing sexual interest, it’s a pretty useless response. I mean, the visual cuteness of a stranger isn’t an indicator of whether or not she’d be a good girlfriend, so if the world is very thinly populated with female people who are as interested in immediately bedding me on sight as my sexuality makes me interested in doing so to them, it’s a response doomed to lifelong thwartation.

I know some people have the notion that we’re supposed to try hard (sorry, they just write themselves) to make stuff happen anyway, but if the female-bodied person is mostly only interested in sex if there’s a personal connection with the possibility of emotional intensity and perhaps ongoing relationship evolving out of it, then the visual-attraction thingie just isn’t relevant. First off, because I’m a slut in that regard. Being found visually sexually attractive by me isn’t much of a compliment, a huge majority of the femalepeople betwixt 13 and 90 fit into that category. Then, given that as a starting point, if I’m going to narrow my focus to those I find fascinating and interesting as people, now we’re back to being on the same playing field, me and the female folk, insofar as these would be mutual interests, and therefore there’s no particular reason at this point that I should be trying to make stuff happen except in the same fashion that they are, and the visually-compelling sexiness thingie is relegated to entertaining but irrelevant.

(Of course there are people who assert that it’s only a social-cultural myth that we male-bodied people have distinctively more of that visual sexual attraction thing going on, and that it’s just been socially verboten for women to express it and act on it. It would be nice to think I have the same effect on random-stranger female people that they have on me! But it does seem from my experience that the visual thing is indeed much more of a male-sexuality characteristic)