Is there anything more pure than the naivete of students?

From this article in the Canadian newspaper, The Globe & Mail.

I love how students believe that, once they come out of school with their undergraduate degree, not only will they be the world’s masters, but everyone will be clamouring at their door for their opinions. If she is going to be running society in a couple of years, I think we have far more to fear than a Saddam on the loose, a Saddam corralled, a justified war or an unjustified war. We must fear Valérie.

Yeah, but what else are you going to do while in college? Go to class?

I remember when I graduated college… oh how smart I thought I was now.

Then, I went to law school and realized just how complex everything is compared to what you learn in college and how the college profs spoon-fed me their own dogma with very little critical thought.

I’m still not that bright, but I think I’m a helluva lot smarter now than I thought I was then. Huh?

Delete “now”

Geesh! I’m an idiot! :rolleyes:

So the constant feeling of stupidity is good for me?

Just checking. This growing up crap is obnoxious.

My experience:

Upon graduation: Know-it-all mouthpiece

For a few years thereafter: Found-out-how-little-I-really-knew-and-felt-pretty-dumb-for-it mouthpiece

Now: Comfortable-that-I-know-what-I-know-and-don’t-feel-too-bad-about-the-stuff-I-don’t-but-always-striving-to-learn-more mouthpiece.

I’m still in college and I’m well aware that I don’t know everything and am not as smart as I think. So that means I’m actually smarter than I think, right?