Is there anything to be gained by talking about 2012's College Football this early?

Oklahoma State went from a 28 year old to an 18 year old true freshman at QB.

The new guy has prom next week I think. It’s gonna be a fun adjustment…

Wow. I’m not familiar with the situation- how could a 28 year old have been eligible? Military service?

Sagarin doesn’t have an opinion. It’s a computer ranking wholly based on last year. It won’t change until actual games are played in 2012.

Thanks for clarifying. I should have said that Sagarin’s version wouldn’t be changing until games were underway.

That still leaves quite a few prognosticators (Rivals for one) who do make preseason adjustments to their first rankings lists, although I don’t remember more than one or two who try to rank all the teams.

He was a baseball player for a few years playing minor league ball. He decided to go to school when it was clear his baseball career wasn’t progressing too fast and now he’s a professional football player.

There are a few other people like that. John Beck, the former Redskins QB, was pretty old as a rookie (30?) since he spent a few years as a missionary.

Does this computer ranking system take returning starters into consideration? What about recruiting class ranking? What about recruiting class ranking of the past 4 years? Do any of them?* I think it would be interesting to see these projections, and also to play around with various weights until you get a number that best matches the subsequent season. (For example, play around with your weights from the end of the 2010 season until you get the closest match to the end of the 2011 season.)

  • (IIRC, there are some computer rankings that don’t even attempt to rank until a few games into the season. Actually, I think I recall seeing one computer ranking system after the first weekend which had 63 teams tied for #1 and 63 more tied for #64, with those that had a bye week all tied at 127, or something like that.)

Probably the most noteworthy was Chris Weinke who won the Heisman as a 28 year old.

No. It’s 2011 ratings. It has nothing to do with 2012, and does not claim to. AFAIK, all of them work that way, and are meaningless until a significant number of games are played.

Before today I must not have looked in the right place for it, but the Yahoo! Sports countdown of the 124 FBS teams is underway as of this week.

There may be other versions by other analysts of the same concept, but this is the first to address all 124 teams that I have seen yet.

If you know of others, please link to them.

New FBS teams are the first teams unveiled in our 1-124 countdown
By Mike Huguenin | Yahoo! Sports - Tue, Jun 12, 2012 4:44 PM EDT;_ylt=AuTyAw2xA5qu_ZEFFl8vf8QcvrYF
Preseason 1-124 countdown: Nos. 116-120
By Mike Huguenin | Yahoo! Sports - Wed, Jun 13, 2012 11:00 AM EDT;_ylt=AllnYNYAhfcp6_nfPq0vk6YcvrYF
Preseason 1-124 countdown: Nos. 111-115
By Mike Huguenin | Yahoo! Sports - Thu, Jun 14, 2012 5:54 PM EDT;_ylt=Ar.b3D_5yb7stN5fYI5dAE8cvrYF
Preseason 1-124 countdown: Nos. 106-110
By Mike Huguenin | Yahoo! Sports - 17 hours ago

Do we need a 2012 version of What are the Must See OOC College Football Games of 2011? which was started 07-12-2011, and which got quite involved in the process of trying to determine that issue. I’ll hold off starting the 2012 thread in case others have a way to go about it that saves some time. :slight_smile:

There’s also the “Must See” games by week to identify, whether OOC or not.

Just asking…

I’m down for the list of Must See games. Miami vs Notre Dame in Chicago…#1! (Not really, but I’m excited.)

Defending SEC/BCS Champion Alabama kicks off yet another year of SEC dominance against Michigan, at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on 9/1/12. My wife should enjoy that one very much, as she’s a Buckeye Girl and despises Michigan.

Looking around a bit more, I see Auburn plays Clemson in Atlanta on 9/1/12, and Ole Miss is hosting Texas on 9/15/12. Think that may be a long game for the Rebels. Otherwise, the SEC OOC schedule is…not very impressive this year.

So true, and so sad. The Auburn-Clemson game is a revenge game: until this past season it had been 1951 since Clemson won a game from Auburn. To top that, the College Football Belt was at stake in the 2011 game! Now that’s in the hands of WVU, with Marshall getting their first crack at it. I will be watching that game – if our local stations carry it.

Here are some links to other people’s versions of the Must-See situation:

The Top 50 Must-See Games of the 2012 College Football Season
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Ranking the 50 Must-See College Football Games of 2012
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2012 College Football Schedule: The Must-Watch Games Of Every Weekend
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Apr 2, 2012

Oh, and LSU hosts Washington, which could be interesting.

In addition to the “Must See” games which will be primarily for their entertainment and excitement value, I suspect, there’s another category that I hadn’t seen addressed in a systematic way before

1 ‘Must-Win’ Game on Every FBS Football Team’s 2012 Schedule
By Joe Penkala(Featured Columnist) on March 7, 2012

Which game(s) for your favorite team would you rank ahead of these “Must Win” selections?

Looks like we are another step closer to a playoff to determine the National Champion.

Assuming the university presidents play ball (heh), anyway. Not much in the way of detail as to how the teams will be selected, but there is mention of some preference for conference champions. I would not necessarily oppose one slot each for the SEC, PAC-12, Big 10, Big 12 champs, but I suspect the fans of BYU, Notre Dame, and Boise State wouldn’t be happy about it…

The Huguenin countdown is now to the point of the Top 50 starting tomorrow, Thursday, June 28. For a full survey of the ones below that level check the links at Preseason 1-124 countdown: Nos. 51-55

And in case you may have missed it, there’s also Ranking All 124 College Football Teams, Summer Edition By Dan Vasta(Featured Columnist) on June 24, 2012

Do you get paid by Bleacher Report or something? I’m pretty confident that all of us who are interested in “CFB” can find plenty of information on our own.

If you have something to say, say it; there are a plethora of college football topics that can be discussed. Bumping old threads just to post links to Yahoo is a waste of people’s time.