Is there anyway I can change my User name without completely reregistering?

I just thought of this one real quick as something to use until I thought of a better/smarter one. 14 months later I decide to finally change. Funny how time flies isn’t it?

Email our Administrator Tubadiva:

And be nice. She likes that. Also, chocolate doesn’t hurt :wink:

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Thanks for the help Coldfire. You really are a great person. I wish everybody could be as wonderful as you and Tubadiva. :slight_smile:

Is there any, say, authorisation required? Like your username password? Or could I say “Hi, I’m registered as “Coldfire”, please change my name to “Major Butt-Head”. Thanks.”

Not that I would or anything…

Well, Matt, what happens is that we check to see that your email comes from the same address as the one in your user profile. Even if you don’t show an email address to the public, administrators can find it. If it doesn’t match, we don’t change the name. In fact, I’ve had a couple of people ask me to change names, and had to ask them to write to me from their SD email address.

Not that anyone would even THINK of changing someone else’s name, of course…

So THAT’s why all my attempts to change the name “Lynn Bodoni” to “Little Miss Woofoo” didn’t meet much success…

Golly, you learn something new every day… :smiley:

I am surprised that the powers didn’t say that the only way to change your UserID is to e-mail an admisistrator.

Re-registering under another name is frowned upon.

Thanks for making that point, Doc. I wandered in here to specifically address that issue, but I see you’ve already done it quite nicely.

I would like to stress that the only way to succesfully change your username, is to send an e-mai…

Huh? Ah. Never mind then.