Is there anyway to run bleem on Win XP?

I tried to install this thing but it keeps giving me “not win-32 application” error and shuts down. I wanna play some FF9 on here. Anyone successfully ran this on XP? If not is there another PS emulator that will run my PS games?

Bleem hasn’t been updated since 1999. It’s probably the most well-known of the PSX emulators, but it’s far from the best.

I would recommend ePSXe, which supports 32-bit Windows playforms. It runs great on my Win2K box. A Linux version is also available. Best of all, unlike Bleem, ePSXe is freeware.

Xp has a ‘force compatibility mode’, so you can try to force any software to play in w95/W98 mode, just read the support docs under the start menu.

Tired that. Didn’t work.

Tried what? Compatability mode or ePSXe? If the former, I suggest you do a Google search to see what others think of Bleem vs. ePSXe. It really is a better product. Plus, all of the pages I’ve seen explicitly stated that Bleem will NOT work with 2000/XP.

I found one list of the top 5 PSX emulators. ePSXe was #1 with Bleem languishing in fourth. ePSXe is still being updated while Bleem is forever dead. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

I tried compatibilty mode. Didn’t work. I will take a crack at ePSxe

And here I thought “bleem” was a made-up, weird word that SPOZ uses on me occasionally. Hmm… you learn new things every day.