Is there ANYWHERE one can find 7-Up Gold? And just what flavor WAS it?

Years ago (15 or so, I think) 7-Up came out with a new product called 7-Up Gold, introduced by the song Wild Thing in commercials – I guess to indicate that while 7-Up may be a tame drink, 7-Up Gold was wiiiiiild.

It was out for a while, and I liked it. Really liked it. And then, sadly, it was gone. As the years passed, I can’t remember just WHY I liked it, or even exactly what taste it was (hey, I was just in my early teens at the time!). Just that I really liked it.

So anyway … just what flavor was it? I remember it as being kind of a cross between 7-Up and Ginger Ale maybe? Or Dr Pepper? And is it still sold anywhere? I remember reading the some places actually still sell New Coke, Crystal Pepsi and other failed flavors, so I remain hopeful. Any help?

It’s was OK, IMO. It did remind me of ginger ale, albeit a weak one.

I think it died, similar to that clear Pepsi.

As far as I know 7-Up Gold is long dead, along with that other short-lived 7-Up offering, Like Cola. If I remember correctly, 7-Up Gold was classified as a ginger-ale, with enough additional flavoring to make it taste a little different than your average ginger-ale. Not that that was enough to save it…


“Pepsi Cola introduced clear, see-through Crystal Pepsi and the consumer wondered how it could be clear if it was cola. Clear was 7 UP. So what did 7 UP do? They came out with a cola-colored produced they called 7 UP Gold. The consumer asked how could it be 7 UP if I was cola-colored? This from the same company that gained market share saying they were the UNCola. They lost millions on that idea plus the millions in lost sales of regular 7 UP.”

So to answer your question, it was cola flavor, and it was a big flop.

From Daily Radar:

So apparently it was ginger ale…anyway, check out the link for some other old soft drinks that you might have forgotten about.

7-UP offered free samples of 7UP Gold (and at a different time, Cherry 7UP) in my high school. If I remember correctly, the flavor was “cough syrup”. And yet us high schoolers had no problem drinking gallons of their swill, since it was, well, free.

There are pictures of everything at E-bay

7up Gold can in Lucite:

Here is a bottle. Still full and capped:

IIRC, 7-up gold was like ginger ale, but it also had a clove flavor that made it quite different from other ginger ales.

A slight highjack, is there Aspen soda available anywhere? It was an apple-flavored soda back in the 70’s.

For those of you who did not check out those ebay pages, the printing on both the can and the bottle described the product as “natural spice flavored soda”.

I went to college with (and had a couple of dates with :cool:) a woman whose dad organized the advertising campaign for 7-Up Gold. Needless to say, he lost his job.

I remember 7up Gold from back in 1988-89. It was flavored with cinnamon–and, yes, it did taste a lot like ginger ale.

ahh… aspen soda… I remember that. There was something about that apple fizz as it slid down your throat. Now that I think about it, aspen soda is probably the reason why apple is my favorite flavor.

In keeping with the theme of non-traditionally flavored sodas…does anyone know where I can find Cherry Lime Slice? The only place I’ve ever seen it is in the Subway in Odessa, MO. It’s good stuff, but I’m beginning to think they might be brewing it up in their basement or something.

That flavor seems to be popular in Southwest Missouri, as I recall seeing it in Subways throughout Joplin and other communities in that part of the state. However, I haven’t set foot in Joplin in over a year, so YMMV.

I too remember Aspen soda fondly. They didn’t sell it where we lived (upstate New York) so we stocked up on it when we visited my aunt in Pennsylvania.

Anyone who is interested in foods that are no longer produced, like Aspen soda and 7-up Gold should check out the Dead Food Board from Top Secret Recipes I learned there that you can get a product similar to Aspen at some Asian food stores.