A warning.

Storm comes in a clear green bottle just like Mountain Dew or Surge. It tastes similar too, but if you pour it in a glass it is clear and not yellow. Dont be alarmed, I think its s’posed to be that way.

Had to do some looking to find out what the hell “Storm” was. For anyone else who doesn’t know, it’s a 7-Up and Sprite rip-off that is currently being test marketed by Pepsi. It was first introduced in '98.

Pepsi will soon release “Lite Storm”, a no-calorie version.

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B-Line, 7-Up comes in a green bottle too, and is clear.

YES! however, storm is a MountainDew/Surge type drink with the caffein equivalent and advertisement of Jolt cola… find me one drink like that in clear! yeah… I thought so… I rest my case.

yellow drinks don’t sell well, if you can see them that way when you buy them.

If it’s clear… how can you be sure it is just not flavored water? :wink:

Exactly Whore! …your wisdom extends far beyond most whores! :slight_smile:

Just about every soda pop is clear; the coloring is added later.

Years ago (late 70’s) the Snapple people marketed a line of natural sodas in the northeast (and maybe elsewhere), All of them were clear, the two I remember most were Tru Root Beer (their spelling, not mine) and Krystal Kola. Tru Root Beer was fabulous; the moment you opened the bottle the root beer aroma would fill the room. Krystal Kola was at least a decade and a half before Crystal Pepsi (a vile concoction).
Interesting to note: At the time, Snapple didn’t market the iced teas they have since become so famous for, they were a regional company, and I think they still maintain their original mailing address in Valley Stream, NY. I beleive that Wendy the Snapple Lady was the receptionist in that office.

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Hey thanks for the warning. Whew, I mean I think yuo may have saved me from losing years of my life. Imagine the horror…It’s… cleeeaaaarrrrrr!!! Ahhhhhh!
Thanks, bro!

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Golly. Why do you suppose THAT is?

So is that why they make lemonade pink?