Pepsi blue,wherefore art thou?

All the stores in my area are out,i just noticed it a few days ago so i imagine they have been out for awhile.

I didn’t like the stuff so much,its just i would have liked to stockpile a few cases of cans.
So later on when someone says “hey you remember that blue soda?” i can whip out a can and go on the test of resolve that is drinking 5 year old soda :D.

I salute you failed marketing experiment,may you join your fallen brother pepsi crystal.

Pedant mode ON:

“Wherefore” means “why”. An explanation or reason. For which reason. Not where. Romeo was just above her. Jules knew where he was… just not WHY he was.

Why art thou Pepsi Blue?

Pedant mode OFF

That is all.

Carry on.

I blame my love of novelty sodas,its obvious their chemical dyes and flavors have gone to my brain. :wink:

Well, I hated Pepsi Blue, but they still have it in 20 oz. bottles in several gas stations around here (small town Ohio).

I just wish they’d make it in diet.

I opened this thread to make the very observation delivered by pierre72, and also to say that, having suffered through a bottle of this swill, the actual question posed in the OP is a much more interesting one than the one effac3d meant to ask.


I don’t know. It’s not that bad.

yes it is.

Damn, I liked that stuff, but I haven’t seen it anywhere for a couple of years.

Probably just as well, since I’ve stopped drinking soda with sugar in it, and I don’t think they ever made a Diet Pepsi Blue.

Now, they do make a Diet Vanilla Pepsi, though. Very tasty!


Now I miss Crystal Pepsi…

I loved Pepsi Blue. We got a couple bottles when we ordered a mixed box of soda from cybercandy.

To me it tasted like a melted blue Slushy. YUM!

Pepsi Blue is just Pepsi with a few drops of blue slushie syrup, and a few sacks of sugar added.

So, not awful, but not the greatest.

Bring back clear cola!