Blue Pepsi???

Well, actually its going to be called “Pepsi Blue”, but it seems the folks at Pepsi are coming out with a

Sigh, if they’d only bring back Josta.

Uhmmm…that sounds gross. It really does.

And I see in the site that Coke is coming out with vanilla flavored coke. That is disgusting.

Why not call it “Pepsi Smurf”? and then when they mess with the formula, they can say “Now with more Smurf!”

Didn’t Coke and Pepsi do enough damage to our taste buds with
Coke w/ Lemon and Pepsi Twist?

Blue cola sounds revolting, but I like vanilla.

But…vanilla Coke’s good. At least the vanilla Coke you can buy at Sonic.

Berry-flavored cola? Now, that’s a bit questionable.


Amen! My mom & grandma got me started on Sonic’s Vanilla Cokes many moons ago… I was delighted to see that Vanilla Coke will be available next week! :smiley:

Hmm… I’ll be the odd one out and say it actually sounds pretty good. I don’t see the problem with it…

Amen to the Vanilla Coke fans. I used to get this all the time at Friendly’s (we don’t have Sonic around here) when I was younger. They made the sodas fresh, so you could get vanilla Coke, strawberry coke, or even vanilla orange soda if you wanted.

I don’t think Blue Pepsi will be disgusting. It sounds OK, as long as the blue flavor is the same “blue” flavor (not a color, mind you, but a flavor) as one would find in freezer pops.

I would try it once. You would have thought they learded with Pepsi Crystal or whatever the hell that was.

My little cousins call caffeine free Pepsi-“Blue Pepsi”, because it’s in a blue bottle. (Of course, so is regular Pepsi, but since their mother drinks Diet, that’s how they distinguish it.)

The story I heard about this on the news compared the color to Windex. So in about six months somebody should be suing Pepsi after their kid drinks Windex by mistake.

If it comes out in this backwater country (we don’t get real Mountain Dew even, and don’t get me started on Code Red… ) I would certainly NOT pass up the opportunity to drink Blue Pepsi.

I would perhaps even consider migrating my taste entirely TO Blue Pepsi, simply to try and offend the people around me.

As long as it makes your tongue turn blue, I am so there :slight_smile: