Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Has anyone else tried the black grape flavor of Mountain Dew, called “Pitch Black”? I just tried some, and I like it. It’s kinda neat, when you pour the soda over ice, it looks dark purple coming out of the can, but the foam is blue. Cool stuff, and I think it tastes good. Does anyone else like it? I hope they keep it as a flavor, like they did “Code Red”, and the “Live Wire”.

Tried a bottle the other day. Very good. I love grape soda, but they all tend to be very sweet. This one wasn’t, so much. I would definately get it again if I see it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.

It is nice for variation though. :cool: I wouldn’t go as far for it as I would for say, nice Belgian chocolate (the one that translates to mean shells of the sea?) but it’s a good change.

Who knew The Grapist worked for Pepsi?

Had a bottle the other day. Wasn’t impressed. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Not carbonated enough for me. Resembles a grape koolaid, will definitely not buy again.

It’s like drinking a grape skittle - which for me, is a good thing! :smiley:

Someone had to say it. I just wish it had been me.

I’ve been waiting to try this for a while, being a junkie for all things grape.

Otto, where did you find it in Madison?

If you drink enough grape soda, your poop will turn green. I wonder if the same holds true for Pitch Black?

I haven’t even seen it yet. Can I assume that it’s caffeinated, since it’s a Dew variety? I’m nearly two years into non-caffeination. Okay, except for chocolate and a Thai Iced Tea about every two months, but otherwise none.

… :eek: That’s a consequence of drinking the soda I hadn’t considered. Good thing I’m only going to occaisionally drink it. Though it does say “limited edition”. Heh, your poo looks like spinach when you are on Iron supplements. I suppose that Pitch Black couldn’t be much worse, could it?

i picked some up yesterday and enjoyed it. but there is no doubt i will call it “code black” just like code red and code orange. i don’t know why pepsi couldn’t have just stuck with codes. it would be a lot easier to remember.

Stock up for St. Patrick’s Day. That’s what me and my brothers do every year. Nothing says “top o’ the mornin’ to you” like a kelly green deposit.

It’s seriously called “Pitch Black”? I’d be afraid of alien monsters flying out, slicing me up and eating me. Besides I really dislike anything Mountain Dew related.

The orange soda is Livewire, not Code Red and I prefer it that way too… it’s not like these sodas are Mountain Dew with orange or grape flavor added; they’re just normal orange and grape sodas. Mountain Dew: Code Red, on the other hand, is actually Mountain Dew with cherry flavor added.

And I didn’t care for Pitch Black. I hate grape soda with a passion but had to try it anyway, as I love sampling new drinks and sometimes find even grape sodas that are good (Senorial Sangria, my favorite soda period, is grape)

We were tested on it in early spring and interviewed.
We loved it.
I assume the Pitch Black idea is a Halloween thing.
Its okay, nothing amazing.
I think they have run out of flavors and colors. :confused:

I love grape sodas, but hate how most of them don’t have any caffiene in them. Mountain Dew Pitch Black solves this problem nicely.

Now, if we could just get it served by Claudia Black it’d be a perfect promotion :wink:

I’ll have mine delivered by a naked and oiled up Cli.nt Black and Jack Black, thank you.

Then while I’m drinking my beverage I will watch them wrestle as the Star Trek fight music plays.

Mockingbird, I’m going to have to ask you to include a warning label on your posts if you’re going to do that again. My stiffled laugh nearly blew my sinuses to smithereens.