Is there software to let a computer receive a fax?

My mother has a Lexmark X73 Scaner/Printer/Copier combination. There is software to send faxes with it, but does there exist any software to allow a computer to receive a fax and then print it out? Thanks.

My mother has a Lexmark X73 Scaner/Printer/Copier combination. There is software to send faxes with it, but does there exist any software to allow a computer to receive a fax and then print it out? Thanks.


For $5 you can buy a copy winfax 9.0 basic.

There is another alternative… A separate hardware reciever. Either the FAXME, JETFAX, FAXPAK or FAXPAL or FAX STORE will all recieve a fax. Some automatically print it to the printer, some store it and wait to let you retrieve it, and some will transmit it to your computer modem.

All are cool.

I think that Windows XP has a FAX service included in the OS if she is running that. I sort of like the hardware version though because then the computer doesn’t have to be on all the time to send and recieve.

Does Winfax or any of the hardware receivers work on digital phone lines? Or over a T1? I would think not but I really don’t know. Our office computers have modems but we cannot fax from a regular fax machine through our normal phone system lines; for our fax machines we had to have analog lines installed. So I’d guess faxing to/from the computer would work the same way? It’s quite possible that we’re working on 70s technology here, knowing this place. Anyone know the answer?

Thanks for your help. I E-mailed her the link for winfax 9.0 basic.

With the right hardware you could do it (it may not be practical though). could take care of it by their fax to email service.

The way you phrased the question leads me to believe you probably do not understand well the issue and you may be finding a problem where there is none.

You cannot send a fax with a scanner or a printer or a copier. You can only send and receive faxes with a fax modem. If you want to send a fax then you may use a scanner to acquire the file to be sent or you may generate in other ways. If you want to receive a fax then you may use a printer to print it or you may display it in other ways. But the fax modem is the hardware you need to send and receive faxes. Standalone fax machines have their own, integrated, fax modem plus scanner and printer.

You tell me that you have a scanner/printer combination which you use to send faxes. I assume you are using it as a scanner and using your computer modem to send the fax. What software are you using? Did it come with the scanner or with the modem? The Lexmark X73 comes with PC-Fax software which can send and receive faxes.

Any modem you buy will come with a fax program bundled and there are plenty of freeware programs out there which will allow you to do it. I assume the scanner/printer machine also has fax software.

In summary, I think you have everything you need and you just need to read the manual.

We did. And the Windows help file. It only mentioned sending faxes, not receiving. As for how sending a fax works, yes, I know the details, and I know that it’s not the copier that sends the fax. I realize that mentioning that she has a Lexmark X73 is useless information, and when I first stated the post, I thought I had a valid reason for posting it. But as I posted the message, I realized that it was useless, but, for some reason beyond me, I left it in the post, and I’m not sure why.

You’re not answering the questions. What software are you using?
The software that came with the machine will do what you want. The software that came with the modem will too. I have never seen software which will only allow to send or receive but not the other. What software are you using?

PS. Don’t forget to tell us what fax software you are using and what other fax software you have. You should have received fax software with the modem and with the scanner. There’s also plenty of freeware fax programs online. Just go to tucows or similar site or use google.

I don’t know specifically, I’ll have to go back to my mothers and check it out. The software that came with the modem, what my mother could find while rumaging through her stuff, was just a floppy with an install program.
If the Lexmar fax software allows receiving as well as sending, then next time I’m at her house, I’ll check it out further.

Both Windows XP pro and Win2000 have basic fax service ,that you enable from the add/remove section. After setting up various phone rules ,ala area code , line out , phone card, the application will then prompt you after sending a fax , to have your phone treat the next incoming call as a Fax ,rather than voice.

I am not sure if XP home has it installed


I have XP and it does have a fax feature on the disc. In order to find it, just type in FAX in the HELP AND SUPPORT search and go into USING FAX. It will take you through all the steps needed to set it up. It is real easy. If you want faxes sent to your eamail for free go to They even give you your own number for FREE.

Or if you like to be contrary, get an old copy of Cheyenne Bitware™ and old puter with a modem and turn it on when you need it.

Why do it unless needed for a business?

I just used it for fun and games and because I had a sister who refused to buy a computer. She got over that but I still have the 3.5 disks in my stash.