Is there some trick to taking DVD screenshots on a Windows computer?

I’m doing the Print Screen thing and all I’m getting is a black square. I thought it might be anti-copy protection, but I’m encountering the black screen even when I try to take screenshots of DVDs than are clearly in the public domain and have no need for copy-protection.

Little help?

It’s usually because of the way the player renders the output - often this is in a separate graphics layer that is placed over the top of the window (often you can see it lagging behind the player window if you move it around.

Many software DVD players have a snapshot function built into them - which one are you using?

However, what I normally do when I want a snapshot from a DVD is to rip the segment of video using DVDshrink, then take the snapshot using VirtualDubMod (both of these programs are free) - this way, I can select the precise frame I want and I’m getting the image as fresh as possible from the stream, rather than getting a picture of the rendered output picture - which is what some software players will give you

A quick and dirty to do this is to go into your display properties and turn off hardware acceleration.

That will disable that separate graphics layer fanciness that Mangetout spoke of. Of course, once you have done your screenshots, you will likely want to re-enable hardware acceleration because you really do want it to be turned on.