Is there something wrong with Jason Segel?

You, know – the big, goofy actor-musician-puppeteer guy who was in Freaks and Geeks and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

He just strikes me as being a little off, somehow – not all there, maybe?

I’ve always thought he was a pretty decent actor. He seems down to earth, doesn’t give off the “Hollywood” vibe, if that makes sense which makes him likable to me. I don’t see where you are getting at.

I sorta get it-- He’s dropped quite a bit of weight and he seems to have adopted an odd, slightly crazed look… that last part could be totally my imagination, though.

He wasn’t just in Forgetting Sarah Marshall; he wrote it.

I’m not talking about the weight loss. I seem to recall that around the time Forgetting Sarah Marshall came out, someone speculated that he has some kind of condition or personality disorder or some weird thing, which is what makes him so… odd.


He’s a muppet of a man?

He smokes a lot of pot. I make that presumption because he hangs with a crew of actors known for pot smoking. Is that it?

He always looks a bit high to me.

Hey, if you created Superman then got screwed over, you’d be messed up, too.

How could you forget How I Met Your Mother which is probably the biggest thing he’s been in.

I’ve only ever seen him in FSM.

So you’re basing the actor’s personality on seeing him in a single role?

His face strikes me as unusually asymmetrical for a successful Hollywood actor. I think that, combined with his penchant for earnest manchild roles, does give him something of a [del]retarded[/del] [del]developmentally delayed[/del] intellectually challenged vibe. But as far as I can tell from interviews, he’s a perfectly normal, intelligent, Really Nice Guy.

And I’m always mistaking the dude in the “Jake from State Farm” commercial for him, but it isn’t him.

If you want to enjoy yourself for a few minutes, check out thisinsane (and hilarious) interview Jason Segal and Paul Rudd did while promoting I Love You, Man. Segal is stoned out of his mind (not sure if Rudd is or not, he seems a bit hassled by Segal’s condition).

I can’t tell if he’s high or just very silly in that clip, but he is a pixilated, eccentric kind of guy. Very giggly, and he has a goofy laugh and tends to close his eyes and sometimes gesture when he laughs. I watched the Five Year Engagement interview he did on The Daily Show in 2012 too.

He’s probably very smart, I agree. He just seems like an odd guy, behavior-wise.

In Knocked Up there’s a scene where he’s smoking pot while wearing a gas mask; kind-of an extreme version of hot-boxing. It was at that point that I realized that Jason Segel was most likely playing himself.

That was Seth Rogen. And I think that’s an aspect of his personality to some extent- considering he’s also a wealthy guy who’s been getting significant roles in movies for maybe five or six years now.

Most of the guys in that movie basically played themselves (check out the IMDB listing, Jay Baruchal played “Jay”, Martin Starr played “Martin”, etc).

But yeah, that was Rogen like Marley said.

I have never heard of the word “pixilated” before. I thought you misspelled “pixelated” and I wondered what the hell you meant. Thanks!

I think you nailed it right there. He doesn’t strike me as Aspergian or anything, but there is something just slightly unusual about him, and I think it’s what you said.