Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace?

Slate article

I’m not sure what to think about this. I guess it might supposedly be a fun thing.

Segel is so damn big that it throws me off - I think of DFW as being 6’ ish at best, but not sure.

I wish Jesse Eisenberg, Segel’s co-star in this, could be made up to play the role. He’s got the basic parts needed to apply to a DFW role in many of his roles. Intelligence; awareness; articulate and arrogant, but some wry humor. He could step into the deep attempt at sincerity. I haven’t seen that from Segel - he’s good a being a lovable shlub.

I’ve never seen Jason Segel play someone serious and smart. He’s always played the tolerable doofus type. Doesn’t seem like the natural choice for the role, but he could have talents that I don’t know about.

Wow, he really does look like DFW. I like Segel, but he does always seem to play nice guy goofball types. Not necessarily dumb ones, but I can’t quite see him playing someone eloquent, intelligent, depressive and weird as Wallace. On looks alone, it certainly works. I’m not sure how tall DFW was, but he wasn’t a small guy so Segel’s height shouldn’t be an issue, and those pictures are really similar.

That I’ll never do again?

Sorry, I had to. Unless reviews are terrible, I’ll see this movie. I’m fascinated by Wallace, both the man as he comes across in essays/interviews/biographies and by his writing.

I bet his interview was brief.