Is there such a thing as Cherry Binaca?

I’ve been looking here (California) for quite a while. I’ve asked my friends in NY to look too…but I’m starting to think it doesn’t exist at all. It is not listed on Binaca’s website (who knew?) If it doesn’t exist…why not? I’d buy it!

(if for no other reason than to squirt Crazy Joe Davola)

any info is appreciated…

hell yeah it exists! at least, it used to.

nasty stuff. i remember in eighth grade, the proof of manhood was fifteen sprays to the bottom of the tongue. if you pussed out, you were not a man.

then again, we were eighth graders. and eighth graders trying to prove our virility with cherry-flavored breath spray. two strikes, eh?


Yup. There used to be. It was all the rage in junior high. There was even a bit on Seinfeld about cherry binance. Unfortunately, the cherry flavor isn’t made anymore. Sorry.

Binaca is a product of the Playtex corporation. Here’s the [url=“”]List of Binaca sprays** that are currently available: PepperMint, SpearMint, and WinterGreen Mint.

link fixed: list of Binaca products

Cherry Binaca?

Didn’t she marry some British Rocker?