Stuff you never see advertized (any more)

I just realized I haven’t seen a commercial for a douche in a long time. Used to be those Summer’s Eve ads were every where.

And how about water piks? Do they even make those nowadays?

What else seems to have dropped out of sight?

Funny you should bring this up. Just today I was wondering if they still make Binaca breath freshener. A quick search determined that they do, but I never see it advertised anymore. I remember the Binaca Blast commercials were once very common.

Funny you should bring this up. I bought a fresh cannister of Bianca breath freshener today! I love the stuff. But I definitely haven’t seen a commercial for it in years…

Yes, I have one. Don’t remember when I bought it but it was less than a year ago. I don’t think availability has changed since then. Don’t you guys have them south of the border?

It’s like a little blast of cheap booze!

Cracker Jacks.

Pssst! wanna buy something imported?..Resdan!

Ipana Toothpaste?

ETA: Typewriter ribbons?


Me neither, but the mayoral race is just getting started.

I haven’t seen those ads for joke-of-the-day, horoscope, etc. text messages for a long time. Maybe people have finally figured out that it’s not worth paying $3 a day to get a joke of the “why did the chicken cross the road?” quality.

It seems like you don’t see TV ads for candy bars much any more. They’re still around but seem rarer than they used to be.

Tobacco, but that’s cheating. :slight_smile:

Pantyhose. Their popularity seems to have gone into precipitous decline from the 1980’s or 1990’s.

K-Tel - didn’t they used to sell all of those music collections on tape or CD - the best of the 70’s etc.? Used to see them a lot, but can’t remember the last time I saw one of those commercials.

Remember the spray on hair? Came in a can, sprayed it on a bald man’s head and “you would never know the difference!”

What was that gizmo with the buttons (buttonaire?) - you could put buttons on ANYTHING - hundreds of buttons on jeans jackets, on hats, on shirts…ugly as crap, but buttons, buttons and more buttons!

Ginsu knives - used to be on the air all the time - I guess people don’t need to cut anything anymore?

Jello 1,2,3…do they even make that product anymore - three layers of varying forms of chemical delight?

Pocket Fisherman - a fishing pole that fits in your pocket! (Or do you really like me?)

I’d rather see a few more for Binaca, Water Piks, and K-Tel and a lot fewer for incontinence supplies, catheters, and sleazy mesothelioma lawyers.

Seriously, I think the advertising demographic for the Game Show Channel (which we turn on as mindless background to go to sleep to) has to be average age of about 84 and circling the drain.

Long-distance phone cards.

I saw one tonight, on CBS. There was 150 or so songs they said, and you could have them for the low price of 6 payments of $26 each!

I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial for Mr. Bubbles, but I just got some for my kids last weekend.

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon making ads? I remember them from the 60s, but haven’t seen one since then, and I hear the stuff is popular these days.

Yeah, who are these legions of people using dozens of catheters at a time? Are they related to the hundreds of classless idiots who’ve won a summary judgement but “Want Their Money NOW!”

But that’s still preferable to all those sincere conversations we used to sit though. With the girl and her mother walking on a beach: “Mom, sometimes I just don’t feel ‘fresh’…”

Oh, I do see some of those old “101 Hits of The Late 60s/Early 70s” type ads late at night on ‘minor’ stations. And, yes, I have to stay up until I hear *“Peace Train” *AND “What’s Goin’ On”.

The worst part about changing ad concentrations is realizing that they’re not changing…it’s the demographic that watches the types of programming is getting older. Oneself included.

One day, not too far off, I’m going to be watching the 24-Hour Hyperviolent XXX Anime Channel, and be most intrigued by the commercials for wholesale geriatric spleen flensing pills. :frowning: