Stuff you never see advertized (any more)

Heh. A catheter commercial just came on tonight, and I realized it was one of the few embarrassing/painful products where the men’s version is worse than the female version.

An oh so tiny revenge for decades of menstruation pain.

Gaines dog food/GainesBurgers. I used to see ads for them in Better Homes & Gardens every month back in the '70s. Is the company even still around?

Also, Swanson frozen dinners.

Wow. I hadn’t thought of Gaines dog burgers in a long time. Looks like they pulled the plug in the 1990s.

Is this a whoosh? Because if I have to hear that damn Kit-Kat crunch tune comercial one more time I’m going to lose it.

Honestly no, I meant it. Of course seconds after I posted, I saw Hershey’s ad but I really think they don’t seem to be on as much as they used to be. I guess I just don’t watch the right shows :slight_smile:

neener neener neener :stuck_out_tongue:

How many times does the average person pee? 200 catheters a month? I think I pee at least 4 or 5 times a day, more if I am gaming and serially swilling icewater [talking on vent or ts dries out my throat]

Bummer, my Dad’s dogs absolutely loved those back in the 70s.

The epilady. I think the word has gotten out that they are worthless torture devices.

Nowadays all the ads are for No! No! Hair! (which is the dumbest name for a product in years…)


Does anyone nowadays suffer from post-nasal drip or midriff bulge? Are breasts no longer in need of being lifted and also separated?

I thought Nads was pretty bad as a product name.

Collect call services, e.g. -


and all those other weird numbers / prefixes you were supposed to dial to give you cheaper long distance rates.
Those and commercials for MCI, Sprint, etc. Wasn’t MCI the one with Murphy Brown and the pin drop, or was that Sprint?

I watched an old VHS a while back and the commercials were a trip down nostalgia lane. "Buy yourself a little freedom, buy yourself a little YUGO! " "I love what you do for me, Toyota! "

Right. Murphy Brown dd MCI. Sela Ward did Sprint.

I don’t see TV commercials for these anymore, but I do live in an area with lots of immigrants so there are print ads (posters, flyers, business cards) everywhere. Especially in the local (excellent) taquerias.


It may be the channels you’re watching. I’ve seen far too many Snickers commercials with celebs - the current one with Robin Williams is particularly annoying. And all the KitKat ads, and Hershey bars (and Hershey kisses) - and if you want to stretch the definition of candy bars, there’s all the M&Ms ads, too. Not too long ago, there was an inane series 3 Musketeers ads with the candy bar floating away because it’s so light! :rolleyes:

I don’t see nearly so many pet food commercials as I used to, and the ones I do see are for some frou-frou brands. I kind of miss the days of “Chuck Wagon”, 'Gravy Train", “Gaines Burgers”, “9 Lives” and “Meow Mix”.

Nowadays it’s catheters and other geezer products, along with ISP commercials (HughesNet primarily) aimed at people who apparently live so far from civilization that things that the rest of us took them for granted 10 years ago.

Tic Tacs.

Also, Kleenex or Puffs tissues.

Hmm. Are we looking at commericals on basic/free/over the air channels vs. cable channels? I bet that the first viewers of the first category are way more likely to be old vs. the second category.

Thought of another category I haven’t seen lately: telephone chat lines.

A few that come to mind:
-“Armystrong”-is that a product?
-tooth powder
-Florida Timeshares
-chia pet “Obama” heads
-cremation services
-the “clapper” (clap on/clap off)
-Suzuki automobiles