Is this a "Pit comment"?

" all the Obama-haters here recently, the unreasoning, largely racist but wholly irrational and unhinged people . . . "

To me it’s a dead-accurate characterization of a certain type who harbors an irrational, largely race-based hatred of President Obama. Are you saying that it’s not an accurate portrait of these types, or that these types don’t exist, or that I can’t refer generally to the “Obama-haters” who post here because that is itself a “Pit comment”? Which part specifically would you warn me against going into outside of the Pit? The part where I cite that there are Obama-haters posting here? The part where I attribute their motives largely to racism? The part where I note that they are irrational? The part where I point out that they are unhinged? What am I permitted to say outside the Pit? I would have thought all of that was ok, especially since I’m not calling out specific posters by name. If anyone wants to decline being painted as the type of Obama-hater I’m referring to, all he or she needs to is denounce racism, irrationality or being unhinged.

Admit it, Tom, you warn me about specious stuff like this just to get a response out of me. I think you’ve got a man-crush going on, and I have to warn you, it won’t be reciprocated. Just letting you down gently.


What thread, and in what forum, is this from?

The above is a Pit comment, so I’m closing this thread. If you want to have an actual conversation about the rules, pseudotriton ruber ruber, start a thread without the above kind of crap.