Is This A Scam? (Monthly Subscription For ED Medications)

I won’t link here because if it is spam, I don’t want to be responsible for propagating it.

An ad came up on my FB feed for a service that provides ED medication on a subscription basis. The name of it is what you would call a person from Rome, dot-com.

Is this a legitimate business? I’m not a fan of the subscription-based business model, since rather than getting your money once, they get it every month. And of course, some businesses that rely on this model also rely on making it next to impossible to cancel.

On the other hand, their cheapest package (heh) looks to be about $34 per month, which I could easily afford.

Anyone familiar with this company?

Facebook feed. Check.
Not your doctor. Check.
Writing a prescription sight unseen. Check.
It’s a scam. Check.

Sounds like a supplement. You can get it cheaper if that what it is. Or a bunch of woo. Who knows.

Are you sure the word “get” doesn’t come before that part?

What’s your definition of “scam”? The website and service is operating within the law and I don’t see any indication that anyone is being ripped off.

No, they prescribe ED meds. How do you know he can get “it” cheaper if you don’t know what “it” it is?

I wouldn’t trust it, especially because anyone and their grandma can buy an ad on Facebook and have thousands of people look at it.

There are better ways to determine if a business is legit than to dismiss them out of hand because they advertise on Facebook.

Good point. Walking into their physical place of business and having a look around is often a good start.

Right, because if you can’t easily do that with an online business, it’s probably a scam.

They advertise a bunch of supplements like that, you can usually get it cheaper. You’re right I don’t know what it is, It was a WAG.

I’ve never seen anything advertised on FB that I couldn’t find cheaper directly from Amazon with a minimum amount of searching, but YMMV.

^ That may be true for you, but the OP is talking about something specific- and ED med for $34 a month. That’s not available on Amazon.

OP doesn’t specify which ED med and there are literally hundreds of supplements marketing themselves for performance enhancement that aren’t Viagra or Cialis.

And you’d be better off using a stick and some tape.

The OP let us know what website he was talking about without linking to it. As you say, “which ED med.” They sell sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil, not supplements.

All those are Viagra or Cialis. You need a prescription for them. Seems to me it would be easier and more cost effective to see your Doctor. The alternative would be the cost of maybe, I don’t know, your LIFE. I think death would be a deterrent. IMHO, of course.

Not really.

Close. Sildenafil and tadalafil are.


I don’t know what seems easier about that or more cost effective.

Again, it’s a legal service in the US. Both a doctor and a prescription is involved.

Agreed 100%. The OP needs to have a complete physical exam if he things things aren’t working as they should, and go from there.

The -fil drugs can cause fatal interactions with some drugs, and unpleasant ones with others. Even though it’s not a bodily function I have, IMNSHO if there’s any one you don’t want to play around with, it’s that one.

I suspect you can buy anything on the streets. If that’s what you mean. That’s even more costly. I think.

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I meant “if he THINKS things…”