Is this ad for an Australian tech college real or is it from an Australian sitcom?

Warning- some bleeped bad language and some cartoonish blood & gore
Ad for Central Institute of Technology/Perth

The YouTube blip seems legit but if so it’s an ad like no other, which makes me wonder if it’s a parody by an Australian comedy show. Does anybody recognize the characters/actors as being from an Australian TV show?
ETA: I should have said Australian comedy show rather than sitcom since it’s a lot more like a sketch.

That is awesome :smiley:

If you actually look at the information under the youtube video, it’s got a link to Henry & Aaron’s webpage, where video is featured again with the following reviews:

“All hail the new kings of Perth comedy.”

“Strange, awesome, pants-wettingly funny
new Aussie comedy.”

“The gags are sharp. It’s edgy, but accessible.”

They are a comedy duo. It appears that they’ve created the ad for the Uni as part of their comedy shorts, whether it’s actually in use or not I don’t know. I’m not in Perth.

It’s never been on television that I’ve seen, and I wouldn’t expect it to have been done with that in mind. My guess is that it’s the work of some students there.


All you need to know.

I’m sure Gordon is actually being very clever.

I’d imagine it’s supremely effective. It’s certainly gone viral, as this thread shows.

Hilarious–I did not see that coming.

Word for word exactly what I wrote when I first watched it on Facebook.