Big, expensive ad

I hope posting something like this doesn’t break any rules, but it made me laugh - it’s nice to see an ad that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself…

Now, I don’t drink the stuff, and quite frankly, by all reports, it’s rubbish, but I love the ad.

Something like 20,000 computer generated extras too, which brings out my inner geek.

That got me laughing this morning!

It’s nice to see someone using CGI for something useful for a change instead of all the movies that are so… entertaining and… fun to watch… … Well, I had the start of a joke there but it fell apart… <runs away in shame>

That was pretty damn funny. I think they tweaked footage from Lord of the Rings.

Thanks, robin! That’s worth bookmarking.

Actually they didn’t - but it was also filmed in NZ, which explains a lot.

It’s been all over the news here, which I’ve never seen with an ad before. Everyone is worked into a lather - I think cos it’s the first time an Australian company has done something like this.

That was great! 'Specially when they hit the fence and started falling over it.

I laughed.
I just sent the link to a bunch of friends who I think will also appreciate it.

Nice to see a good sense of humor in an ad, and I would at least buy a pint (if I were in Australia) and have a big gulp in honor of the big ad.

I eagerly await a small micro brewery coming out with The Little Ad…same theme, but using three little people holding cardboard cut outs of other people. Perhaps filmed in a shopping center parking lot.